Case Study: A Cosmetic Company Stands Out From the Crowd


A cosmetic company was introducing a new product and wanted a giveaway for women sampling the it in retail stores. The handout needed to be perceived as "high end," but not at a high price point. The campaign focused on the target market being a woman who stands out in the crowd. .

A one ounce promo pack of Jelly Belly brand gourmet jelly beans was used for the handout. A clear cello wrapper printed with the product's logo contained a specific set of Jelly Bellies: all white (coconut flavor) with a single red jelly bean (Very Cherry).

The response to the Jelly Belly packs was tremendous, with the one red jelly bean out of all of the white jelly beans readily supporting the theme of "standing out of the crowd." The Jelly Bellies were a great treat too.

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