Case Study:  Sales Trip Incentive Mailer

A large corporation planned an incentive trip to the Bahamas for its top level salespeople from all over the country. To encourage them to become eligible for the trip, the corporation needed something to mail that would remind the sales force of the event and get them excited about earning the trip.

The World Wide Lines full color neoprene luggage identifier was sent to each sales person with an enticing full color picture of the resort and a letter saying “Put this on your bag and join us in the Bahamas!” This item, also called a luggage grabber, wraps around your luggage handle and secures with velcro. It provides hand cushioning as well as a quick way to identify your bag on an airline luggage carousel.

And as a bonus use...this luggage spotter can also be used as a mini-mouse pad by the sale staff in their hotel rooms! Assuming that a salesperson on an incentive trip to the Bahamas would actually be in their hotel room using a mouse!