Trade Show Promotion Tips  [January/February 2012]

The holidays are over and we're heading into trade show season. You didn't know that was an official season? In the promotional world it is! But there are also a lot of late winter community events, job fairs and home shows in the months to come. There are thousands (more, actually, but who's counting) of items you could give customers at events, trade shows and festivals to remind them of you and your brand message. How should you choose? Here are some things to think about when you're considering a giveaway.
  1. Make it memorable. If it stands out from all the other give-aways people may receive, you win.
  2. Make it useful. If it's something people will need and use on their visit (like lip balm or hand sanitizer), you reinforce your message.
  3. Make it desirable. If your item creates a stir on the showroom/event floor, it can be a big boost in driving traffic to your booth or store.
  4. Make it applicable. Make sure the item you choose appeals to the demographic and psychographic of your clientele.
  5. Make it easy. If your item is large, bulky or breakable, it's not going to travel well and will cause irritation (not the reaction you're looking for)!
Credit Card Hand Sanitizers from Cornerstone Promotional Products
Here's a product that's great for a trade show or any winter giveaway. These thin hand sanitizer spray containers (item LAN-ABL2400) are easy to carry around a show and certainly helpful with all the door opening, money handling and hand shaking going on and are a unique package for a product that applies to everyone. They easily slide in a shirt pocket or bag, making it easy to keep close at hand (pun intended) and likely to be used.
The sanitizer is available in pink (perfect for breast cancer awareness events) and is 62% alcohol so it really does kill germs (check out this link for what to look for in sanitizers).